Time waits for no one. With the passage of time, people developed not only their lifestyle, but also increased the capacity of their brain. It does not mean that the ancient humans were stupid. They were only unaware of how they could use their intelligence and invent new things. But now, engineers, tech developers, and inventors are working day and night to produce new and unique things, which will make the human life more comfortable. Technology has a significant role to play in the development of human life.

Studying The Two Sides Of The Coin

“Every coin has two sides” – the meaning of this ancient saying is light is always followed by darkness and if you are acquiring advantage from something, you must also prepare yourself for the disadvantages. Some say technology is right while others only look at the darker side. It must be said that technology is neither good nor bad. It depends on the individual who is using it.

Advantages Of Modern Technology

The following are some of the crucial benefits of modern technology in our lives:

  1. Assisting Discovering In All Spheres

The man would have never been able to make such amazing discoveries in every field. Be it medicine, entertainment, weapons, or space research; the development would not have been possible without the use of advanced technology. Most of the activities are controlled and monitored by the computers. The advancements in computer technology are another result of this.

  1. Increasing Cost-Efficiency

Technology has assisted humans in understanding new things about the production industry. With the assistance of the new and improved technology, we can make more things in less time. As technology progressed, people came to know of the easier ways in which a certain task can be accomplished, without using many resources. Thus, technology also assists in saving money and resource.

  1. Less Time And Effort Is Required

The list of advantages would not be complete if we did not mention this point. With the assistance of modern technology and machines, we need not spend too much time on a certain task. With the help of the tools, the need for the human effort has also been reduced. The things that required hundreds of men can now be accomplished with the push of a button.

The following are the drawbacks of technology:

  1. Creation Of Destructive Weapons

With the advancements made in nuclear science, inventors have also developed deadly weapons, which pose a direct threat to the peace and human race. These weapons must be contained if people want to live peacefully on earth.

  1. More Dependency On Machines

As technology is improving, new and unique machines are being invented. These machines are making the humans lazy. The rate of human dependence on the machines has increased drastically in the past decades.

  1. Diminishing The Importance Of Human Labor

With the invention of the machines, the value of human labor has gone down drastically. The machines assist in the mass production of goods in less time. In a way, technology is increasing unemployment in the world.

Thus, modern technology is a boon as well as a curse for the human race.